The J.E.C. of Leeds, a.k.a. the Leeds Kollel, was established in May/Iyar 2014.

A Kollel is an institute for advanced Torah studies for married men.

The Leeds Kollel functions in the unique style of the popular American ‘Community Kollel’, with a focus on the wider community as well.

The Kollel was founded by the visionary Rabbi Ahron & Esti Kramer, under the guidance of the esteemed Dayan Abraham of the London Beth Din.

Rabbi Noson Krausz, a notable Torah Scholar, was chosen to lead the high level of study within the Kollel.

The studies take place on a rotation basis in the three main Shuls, Beth Hamedrash Hagadol (Street Lane), Etz Chaim (Harrogate Road), and the United Hebrew Congregation (Shadwell Lane).

Rabbi Shimon B. Glickman, formerly an Associate Rabbi of the Munich Orthodox Community, was appointed as Director of Communal Activities, to integrate the Kollel with the wider Leeds community.