A wheelchair converted vehicle is available to borrow by anyone over the age of 21, holding a full UK licence. The service is free of charge although donations would be welcome.


To book the vehicle contact Rabbi Glickman on 07505056079 or fill out the contact form.

Converted Vehicle that Can Make All the Difference
by John Fisher

The vehicle has been modified from a seven-seater MPV and designed and equipped for carrying people to appointments both medical and social. It has a user-friendly ramp assembled through the rear door whereby the chair is wheeled in and strapped into place.
In addition to the driver and wheelchair, there is ample room for three passengers. The front passenger seat has the advantage of swinging out to accommodate those who have difficulty climbing into the vehicle.

Ezra Umarpeh is a non-profit organisation that provides medical assistance and equipment to those who are in need and has been running this particular service in London for some time.

The service can make all the difference for wheelchair users.

When Yitzchok Stone’s grandparents passed away three years ago, he introduced the service to Manchester and now through the Leeds Kollel the service has been expanded to include Leeds.

After suffering a stroke Yitzchok’s grandfather was left using a wheelchair for nine years and to improve his wellbeing his grandson Yitzchok would occasionally borrow the wheelchair vehicle from Ezra Umarpeh to take him out shopping and for social visits.

When Yitzchok’s grandfather was admitted to hospital with less than one day to live, he again borrowed the vehicle to transport his wheelchair bound grandmother to visit her husband and sit by his bedside, holding his hand in the final moments.

Without this facility that would not have been possible.