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PAL (phone and learn)

We have linked up with PAL from London with a central national number for a chavrusa on any topic any time of the day.


Lunch & Learn (in conjunction with LJoy)

Up to 12 pupils attend and enjoy a scrumptious lunch prepared each week by the Kollel wives while Rabbi Stroh and Rabbi Dansky learn with the pupils different Jewish topics.

Leeds Lunch and Learn

Bat Chayil Group

Mrs Stern holds a Bat Chayil group for several girls. The girls mother’s have become very impressed with Mrs. Stern, and requested that she teach their daughters.

Post Bat Chayil Group

Mrs Stern has continued to run her post Bat Chayil group, to which some 20 girls join for monthly reunions.


Children’s events

We generally run kid’s events before Yom Tov or a significant Jewish date to get the children excited for it and teach them about it.

We’ve had a Rosh Hashana Event with a beekeeper, a Tisha B’av event last year,  and we plan to have one this year. We have also held a Pesach and Shavuos event. We normally get 20-30 kids and the events include activities, arts and crafts and refreshments. These events are usually arranged by the kollel wives.

There are other opportunities available. Members of the community can meet with the Kollel at their own convenience, throughout the week, at the local shuls, in their own houses or in the office. If you would like to discuss such opportunities, please feel free to contact us.